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If you're interested.... Check out the link pages from these sights as well. I'll add more later.-e

Ad Busters-blah blah funny blah blah political

Al Jazeera (English Version)-Another Perspective


Clamor Magazine- A Good mixture of personal and political

Independent Media Center- Great resource including local news

McDonalds Watchdog SiteFind out why you should never buy food from a clown. Any company that sells food by targeting impressionable 3 year old kids with cartoons and toys deserves a brick in my book. 'Sides, it tastes like regurgitated rubber...

Michael Moore-Director of "Roger and Me"

National Center for the study of Privatization in SchoolsImpartial analysis from Columbia University at privatization. Sell your kids, buy stock!!

Peoples Coalition to Take Back our SchoolsNot so impartial look at privatization, but no less relavent, perhaps more.

Radio Diversity- The newest (?) front of the free speech movement

RAWA- The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan


Worse Than Queer

Z Magazine- Better than the admittadly dry magazine.... still relavent and very interesting though. Comsky, Zinn, etc.

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