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Currently not living there. When I get back, I'll start posting again. Not that anyone is really paying attention..... Check back in April.

Expired Milk

Skinhead Show Listing

DC/Md/Va Show Listing

Philly Fringe

Confused Youth

R5 Productions

Blacklist Booking


-A Space, The 4722 Baltimore Ave

-Balcony, The 10th and Arch (nextdoor to the Troc)

-Catbox, The 218 Buckingham Place (between 44/45th and Walnut)

-Cavelry Church 48th and Baltimore Ave

-Clark Park Baltimore Ave

-Dahlek 47th & Baltimore

-Doc Watson's Pub 216 S. 11th St (between Walnut/Locust)

-Fake House, The 3858 Lancaster Avenue (next to the Killtime)

-Fire, The 412 West Girard Ave Philly 19123 (267)671-9298

-Fun Rama 4103 Baltimore Avenue (215) FUN RAMA

-Khyber Pass, The 56 South 2nd St (215) 238-5888

-Killtime 3854 Lancaster Ave

-La Tazza 108 Chestnut St (between Front and 2nd)

-Mitten Hall (Owl Cove) Temple University (on Broad Street)

-New City Tavern 20th and Ludlow Street (between Chestnut/Market)

-North Star Bar 2639 West Poplar Street (215) 684-0808

-Olive Branch, The 19th and Sansom

-Pilam 3914 Spruce Street

-Pontiac Grille 304 South Street (215) 925-4053

-S.Philly Tap Room 1509 Mifflin Street, South Philly

-Ulana's 2nd & Bainbridge (just off of South St)

-Unitarian Church Chestnut Street between 22nd & 23rd

note: I am in no way an authority on this and this is very crude and under construction at all times. I post 'em as i find out about 'em. Which, if you've ever been to Philly can be hard to do. And don't look to me to confirm, cause i'm not putting them on. Alright? Alright. P.S. FLYER YOUR FUCKIN SHOWS!!(most of this thieved from the Philadelphia Show Listing yahoo thing... and various flyers)