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Past Shows

Friday March 29, 2004 w/ Witchhunt (NJ), Dissystema (Pa), Endless Nightmare, Leave Nothing Left @ Ned & Shawn's House in Philly

Sunday March 31, 2004 w/ I.R.A. (Columbia), Witchhunt (NJ), Endless Nightmare, Nux Vomica (Md) @ ???? in Baltimore, Md

Sunday March 28, 2004 w/ Vitamin X (Netherlands), Global Chaos (Pa), Endless Nightmare Bones Brigade (Ma) @ the Catbox in Philly

Sunday April 25, 2004 w/ Tragedy (Or), Yaphet Kotto (Ca), Mannequin (??), Stop It (??), Endless Nightmare @ First Unitarian Church in Philly

Wednesday May 05, 2004 (??) w/ Ballast (Montreal), Witchhunt (NJ) Endless Nightmare, Death Cycle (NY) @ ?? in New York, NY

Friday May 07, 2004 w/ Ballast (Montreal), Witchhunt (NJ), Endless Nightmare @ Ned & Shawn's House in Philly

Saturday May 15, 2004 w/ From Ashes Rise (Or), R.A.M.B.O. (Pa), Fighting Dogs (Pa), Endless Nightmare @ South Philly Oriental Social Club whositwhats w/ the pingpongandthewasabi in Philly

Thursday July 01, 2004 w/ Sleeper Cell (Ma), False Security (NY), Endless Nightmare, Dissytema (Pa) @ Ned's House in Philly

Monday July 12, 2004 w/ Tropiezo (PR), Juventud Crasa (PR), Endless Nightmare @ C.O.D.E. in Philly

Sunday August 08, 2004 w/ Bruce Banner (Swe), Deadfall (Ca), Endless Nightmare, Total End (Ct) @ GHCD in East Hartford, Ct

Tuesday August 10, 2004 w/ Fall of the Bastards (Or), Immortal Avenger (Va), Collosus of the Fall (NY)(??can'tremembername), Endless Nightmare @ C.O.D.E. in Philly

Sunday August 15, 2004 w/ Disfear (Swe), Inepsy (Montreal), Hellshock (Or), Witchhunt (NJ), Signal Lost (Tx), AOS (Ct), Aphasia (Pa), Endless Nightmare, Dissytema (Pa) @ First Unitarian Church in Philly

Saturday October 2, 2004 w/ Rattus (Fin), Reason of Insanity (La), AOS (Ct), Endless Nightmare, False Security (Ny/Ca) @ First Unitarian Church in Philly

Friday October 15, 2004 w/ Signal Lost, Caustic Christ, Endless Nightmare @ C.O.D.E. Space in Philly

Monday November 01, 2004 w/ Endless Nightmare ,Die Screaming (aka Aphasia) (pa), Flak (pa), Fucked Up Mess (pa) @ Mr. Roboto Project in Pittsburgh, Pa

Tuesday November 02, 2004 w/ Endless Nightmare, Vomitrocity (Oh), Dismal (Oh) @ Legion of Doom in Columbus, Oh

Wednesday November 03, 2004 w/ Crimenes de Guerra (Mexico), Endless Nightmare, Random Axe of Terror, + 2 @ Fag City U.S.A. in Detroit, Mi

Thursday November 04, 2004 w/ Virgin Suicides (Wi), Carrie Nation (Ga), Endless Nightmare, Murder of Crows (Wi) @ ?? in Madison, Wi

Friday November 05, 2004 w/ Kylesa (Ga), Endless Nightmare, Living Hell (Mn) @ Red Sea in Minneapolis, Mn

Sunday November 07, 2004 w/ Kylesa (Ga), ??, Blooddrive, Endless Nightmare @ ?? in Milwaukee, Wi

Monday November 08, 2004 w/ Endless Nightmare @ Kensington Pub in Toronto, Ont

Tuesday November 09, 2004 w/ Ballast (Mont), Endless Nightmare, Complication (Mont) @ Barfly in Montreal, Quebec

Wednesday November 10, 2004 w/ Endless Nightmare, Solitary Neglect (Ma), Send More Cops (Ma) @ Pink Elephants in Boston, Ma

Thursday November 11, 2004 w/ Endless Nightmare, Abhorred (Ma), Neo Profits (RI), Dissector (Ma) @ AS220 in Providence, RI

Friday November 12, 2004 w/ World Burns to Death (Tx), Endless Nightmare, Uncurbed (Swe), Star Strangled Bastards (Ca), Kegcharge (Tx), Krumbums (Tx) @ First Unitarian Chuch in Philly

Wednesday December 29, 2004 w/ Fucked Up (Can), Violent Minds (Pa), Urban Blight (Can), Endless Nightmare, Affirmative Action Jacson (Pa) @ Halfway House in Philly

Friday January 14, 2005 w/ Endless Nightmare, Witch Hunt (Pa), Fighting Dogs (Pa), Die Screaming (Pa), Stations (Pa) @ Pirate's Cover in Allentown, Pa

Saturday January 15 w/ Witch Hunt (Pa), Die Screaming (Pa), Endless Nightmare, ?? (Allentown), @ Halfway House in Philly

Friday February ??, 2005 w/ Syzlak (Pa), Death Mold (NY), Endless Nightmare, Grim Aria (Pa) @ C.O.D.E. Space in Philly

Saturday February 25, 2005 w/ Rambo (Pa), Municipal Waste (Va), Asshole Parade (Fl), Caustic Christ (Pa), Endless Nightmare @ First Unitarian Church in Philly

Saturday March 19, 2005 w/ Riistetyt (Fin), Stockyard Stoics (NY), Scott Sturgin from Leftover Crack (NY), Endless Nightmare @ First Unitarian Church in Philly

Monday March 21, 2005 w/ Riistetyt (Fin), Exosus (Md), ??, Endless Nightmare, Aghast (D.C.) @ Warehouse Next Door in Washington D.C.

? April ?, 2005 w/ Witch Hunt, Aphasia, Endless Nightmare +1 ? @ Brave New World in Pittsburgh, Pa

Friday May 20, 2005 w/ Endless Nightmare, I Object (ny), ? (ny), ?

Saturday May 21, 2005 w/ Endless Nightmare, ? (il), ? (il), Systems Rejects (il) @ Greg's House in Champaign, Il

Sunday May 22, 2005 w/ Endless Nightmare, Living Hell (mn), ? (mn), ?(mn) @ Kremlin in Minneapolis, Mn

Wedsday May 25, 2005 w/ Endless Nightmare, Sanctum (wa), ? (wa)@ ? in Seattle, Wa

Friday May 27, 2005 w/ Hellshock (or), Endless Nightmare, ? (or) Portland, Or @ ?

Sunday May 29, 2005 w/ Brain Eraser (ma), ? (ma), ? (ca), ? (ca), Endless Nightmare @ Gilman St. in Berkeley, Ca

Monday May 30, 2005 w/ Endless Nightmare, ? (ca), ? (ca), ? (ca) Los Angeles, Ca @ Poison Apple

Wednesday June 01, 2005 w/ Coughing Up Blood (az), Endless Nightmare, Call the Cops (az), ? (az), I Am Columbine? (az) @ Phix in Phoenix, Az

Thursday June 02, 2005 w/ Endless Nightmare, Subjects (tx), Johnny Handgun (tx) @ ? in Lubbock, Tx

Saturday June 04, 2005 w/ Warcry (or), Endless Nightmare, Kegcharge (tx), Krumbums (tx) @ Jasmines B-Day BBQ in Austin, Tx

Sunday June 05, 2005 w/ Endless Nightmare, Chronicle A/D (ga), howies band (la) @ Dixie Tavern in New Orleans, La

Tuesday June 07, 2005 w/ ? (tn), Endless Nightmare, Hoth? (tn), Burnin' Doobage (tn), @ ? in Chattanooga, Tn

Wednesday June 08, 2005 w/ Direct Control (va), Endless Nightmare, Government something (va), ? (va) @ house in Richmond, Va

Thursday June 09, 2005 w/ Deathmold (ny), Endless Nightmare, 2 bands back to back (ny), Polish/SA (ny) @ Ship's Mast in Brooklyn, Ny

Friday June 10, 2005 w/ Hellshock (or), Selfish (fin), Endless Nightmare, AOS (ct/pa) @ Hazel's House in Philadelphia, Pa

Monday August 8, 2005 w/ Endless Nightmare, Aghast (dc/richmond), Dissystema, Raise the Red Lantern @ Nothing House in South Philly

Saturday August 13, 2005 w/ Municipal Waste (va), Skitkids (swe), Disrespect (mn), Endless Nightmare, I Object (ny), plus 1 @ First Unitarian Church in Philly

Sept. w/ Endless Nightmare, Witch Hunt, and one of the ex-Tear it Up bands @ Ned's House

Nov. w/ Ballast in Philly

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