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In case anyone is looking, Endless Nightmare has broken up. We've still got copies of the s/t ep left available from any of us, the songs we wrote for the lp unfortunately won't see the light of day. Mike (guitar) and myself (drums) have been playing in a new band w/ Chub from Smut and Herb from LickGoldenSky for awhile now, somewhere between Buzzoven, Hawkwind, Brainoil, and Damad. Whatever, it's heavy and not fast.

Ned (vocals) and Shawn (guitar) are playing with Mick (AOS/Violation). From what I hear they are looking for drummer and bass player still, but don't quote me on it. Chris (bass) is taking a breather and just playing with friends for fun.

I'm doing another band that will be completely in Japanese, but it'll be awhile 'til I can even manage to translate the lyrics correctly without simplifying the content to the point of stupidity, so don't hold your breath.

Cheers. -e

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